TrIP-Sen Announces Bluetooth-Zigbee Cognitive 3D-IC’s for Telehealth

Modular and re-configurable 3D-IC’s dynamically supporting the Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee modes from the Continua Health Alliance


Cannes, France (PRWEB)


TrIP-Sen (, a pioneering fabless semiconductor company primarily focused on healthcare applications, has announced the alpha-sample availability of its groundbreaking 3D-IC family dedicated to the telehealth market.


The TRS10xx product family is a series of modular, re-configurable and cognitive 3D-IC’s that jointly supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee Healthcare application profiles in a dynamic and power-efficient fashion. As such, it offers new and unique levels of user experience and health risk detection while enabling the realization of custom telehealth products in a highly integrated and cost-effective manner. With the TRS10xx, it is now possible to support, within the same device, both the ‘Zigbee’ LAN and ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ PAN interfaces having been defined by the Continua Health Alliance for communication with physiological and health-related residential sensors.


"Today’s announcement is a significant company milestone for TrIP-Sen as TRS10xx product family simply consigns mono-mode Bluetooth Low Energy or Zigbee IC solutions to the past," says Pierre Gandolfo, CEO TrIP-Sen. “It overcomes the technical and business roadblocks that have prevented telehealth solutions from reaching critical mass worldwide, and offers new industry levels of usability, flexibility, integration and health risk detection which are simply beyond the capability of other solutions," he says.


Telehealth, via the collection and regular transfer of physiological parameters and other health-related data, helps improve physical fitness, reduce the cost of chronic disease management and allow elderly people to remain living in their own home. With one seventh of the world's population overweight and an elderly population expected to double to 1.2 billion by 2025, healthcare expenditures in developed countries are exploding. This situation, compounded by the scarcity of qualified medical personnel, and an at-stake tax base as the first baby boomers are about to retire, are fuelling an increased demand for telehealth solutions. According to the market analyst, AMI research, the number of telehealth nodes is expected to reach 400Mu by 2014.


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TrIP-Sen is a fabless semiconductor company developing modular, re-configurable and cognitive 3D-IC’s, primarily for the telehealth market and other healthcare applications. For further information, please visit


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